Thursday, February 6, 2014


Q1 @alicia_minshew FB from Tammy:  Who would you like your character to spend more time with? Pick 1 male/1 female & why? #TalkTD

A1: Grant Aleksander & @bobbieeakes because GA is hilarious and BE because I’ve always wanted to work more with her #TalkTD


Q2 @alicia_minshew FB From Salisha:  How is Angelica different from Kendall? #AllMyChildren #TalkTD

A2: @TaintedDreamsTS I think she’s nicer… or is she? Choose for yourself and let me know 😉 #TalkTD


Q3 @alicia_minshew FB From Vicki:  What do u think abt future of online programming & using services like Netflix 4 distribution #TalkTD

A3: @TaintedDreamsTS I think it is the way of the future and I’m glad to be a part of it! #TalkTD


Q4 FB From Nana:  Will this be on TV! We need to get this on TV! #TalkTD

A4: @TaintedDreamsTS That is our hope but for now it can be seen online at http://tainteddreams.com ! #TalkTD


Q5  @alicia_minshew FB From Kimberly:  Will you rejoin soap cast if they are picked back up again? #TalkTD

A5: @TaintedDreamsTS Kimberly: It depends on what show it is, but I’m open to anything! #TalkTD


Q6  @alicia_minshew FB From Willy:  Will your character find a new love interest? Hola to Cast, Crew, Writers #TalkTD

A6: @TaintedDreamsTS Willy: Let’s just say Angelica is conflicted, but she does get some loving 😉 #TalkTD


Q7 RT @laurehaines @TaintedDreamsTS Who were you most excited to work with again, or for the first time? #TalkTD


Q8 RT @RadBren13 For @alicia_minshew & @SoniaBlangiardo How was it being directed by person you’re portraying/directing “yourself?” #TalkTD

Q8: @TaintedDreamsTS @RadBren13 @SoniaBlangiardo I felt honored and loved that she could help me by sharing her personal experience. #TalkTD


Q9 RT @MomsThoughts @alicia_minshew #TalkTD If you weren’t an actress, what other career would you like to pursue?

Q9: @TaintedDreamsTS @MomsThoughts A dancer. Without a doubt. And not on a pole either 😉 #TalkTD


Q10 RT @queenbiotch05 @alicia_minshew what was ur favorite #AMC moment #TalkTD

A10: @TaintedDreamsTS @queenbiotch05 Falling in love with Zach or brides dress cat fight with Greenlee! I like to kiss and slap ppl! #TalkTD


Q11 RT @queenbiotch05 @alicia_minshew what was ur favorite #AMC moment #TalkTD


Q12 RT @b_dawg60 @alicia_minshew it’s my understanding there isn’t allowed much improv w/ lines in daytime, is it same 4 the web? #TalkTD

A12: @TaintedDreamsTS @b_dawg60 No, we can improv as much as it makes sense in the scene. And we all did. Trust me! #TalkTD


Q13 RT @cotygirl @alicia_minshew What shows do u watch on TV? #TalkTD

A13: @TaintedDreamsTS @cotygirl Dora The Explorer with Willow (no, really). @NewGirlonFOX @ModernFam. I go to sleep early 🙁 #TalkTD


Q14 RT @cotygirl @alicia_minshew Larkin Malloy is hysterical on the show. Does he crack u up?  #TalkTD

A14: @TaintedDreamsTS @cotygirl Of course he does. He’s also extremely kind and would take time to rehearse with me! Love him!


Q15 RT @DR_757 @alicia_minshew Since this is an internet-based show,would U be willing to push a few boundaries,like go topless? #TalkTD

A15: @TaintedDreamsTS @DR_757 I’d probably show my ass first, I’m more proud of that 😉 Sure I’m open to it. Why not? #TalkTD


Q16 Robyn Bodin ‏@queenbiotch05 @TaintedDreamsTS @alicia_minshew I heard a rumor that u were gonna join #GH was that true? #TalkTD

A16: @TaintedDreamsTS @queenbiotch05 I haven’t heard that rumor, but I’m flattered and I love #GH! #TalkTD


Q17 Vitina Varone ‏@VitinaVarone@TaintedDreamsTS If the show does not find a home on tv, will it be shown online?  #talkTD

A17: @TaintedDreamsTS @VitinaVarone Of course. There are so many different outlets online now. More than ever. #TalkTD


Q18 Liz ‏@Liz_Sibs @TaintedDreamsTS @alicia_minshew Angelica seems to put everyone’s needs/problems before her own. Will we see this wear on her? #TalkTD

A18: @TaintedDreamsTS @Liz_Sibs She absolutely does. It does wear on her and there might even be a breakdown or two 🙂 #TalkTD


Q19 RT @StillwellKim @alicia_minshew if/when #AMC is picked by up are u willing to rejoin cast as Kendall? Love Kendall #TalkTD

A19: @TaintedDreamsTS @StillwellKim I’m always open to being back on #AMC. And thank you, I love Kendall too! #TalkTD


Q20 RT @Seamuzzz @alicia_minshew -are there any Irish,ex pro boxers,who used to drive horse carriages in Central Park in the cast? #TalkTD

A20: @TaintedDreamsTS @Seamuzzz LOL No my friend, but I happen to know another show that he’s cast in @SurvivingSam1 #TalkTD


Q21 RT @Seamuzzz @alicia_minshew -did you have fun and laugh a lot shooting #TaintedDreams #TalkTD

A21: @TaintedDreamsTS @Seamuzzz I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF. I am so in love with this cast! #TalkTD


Q22 RT @queenbiotch05 @alicia_minshew is it more different filming for online shows than tv? #TalkTD

A22: @TaintedDreamsTS @queenbiotch05 The pace is the same as a soap… FAST. The on location feels like film. TD was shot in 14 days #TalkTD


Q23 RT @queenbiotch05 @alicia_minshew I heard u were gonna come on as one of Sonny’s love interest @MauriceBenardMB #GH #TalkTD

A23: @TaintedDreamsTS @queenbiotch05 @MauriceBenardMB I’ve never heard that but I think Maurice is awesome. #TalkTD


Q24 RT @AshleyFrazer3 @alicia_minshew Who’s your favorite person to work with on #TaintedDreams  #TalkTD

A24: @TaintedDreamsTS @AshleyFrazer3 That one is hard to answer because I love everyone. But I had fun with @PaulMMoon! Laughed alot #TalkTD


Q25 RT @pbyrond  @alicia_minshew How did you like Walt Willey and his new beard? Like the evil version of Jack lol #TalkTD

A25: @TaintedDreamsTS @pbyrond I thought @wwilley was incredibly sexy with a beard. Great look for him! #TalkTD


Q26  @alicia_minshew FB Lydia: when is the show airing or is it going to be only on facebook? #TalkTD

A26: @TaintedDreamsTS We’re trying to find a home, let you know ASAP. Check out the first 3 episodes at http://tainteddreams.com  #TalkTD


Q27  @alicia_minshew FB From Debbie How is working on web different than for tv when having a family. are hours shorter/longer? #TalkTD

A27: @TaintedDreamsTS The hours are about the same. At times they can be longer because there’s no network control. I still love it! #TalkTD


Q28 RT @queenbiotch05 @alicia_minshew do u still have contact with ur old co-stars from #AMC #TalkT

A28: @TaintedDreamsTS @queenbiotch05 I’m close friends with a lot of them. Specifically, @RebeccaBudig, Thorsten, @CameronMathison #TalkTDD


Q29 RT @Cguy710  @alicia_minshew Alicia, does it feel like being back on AMC again, due to working with former #AMC cast members? #TalkTD

A29: @TaintedDreamsTS @Cguy710 It feels different, but the family like feeling is still very much there. #TalkTD


Q30 RT @DebbieJoyce @alicia_minshew Does your husband get jealous that you get to make out with hot soap actors and actresses? #TalkTD

A30: @TaintedDreamsTS @DebbieJoyce Actually, no. He’s very secure and just doesn’t watch (he might watch the girls though) 😉 #TalkTD


Q31 RT @cotygirl @alicia_minshew  So when will we get more episodes? #TalkTD #AMC  

A31: @TaintedDreamsTS @cotygirl I can tell you we shot a whole season, but until we find a home we have to wait. Not long now 🙂 #TalkTD


Q32 RT @DR_757 @alicia_minshew Do you still keep in touch with Susan Lucci, & what do you think of her role on”Devious Maids”? #TalkTD #AMC

A32: @TaintedDreamsTS @DR_757 Susan and I are friends. Haven’t spoken in awhile but I think she’s doing a great job on DM! #TalkTD


Q33 RT @DebbieJoyce @alicia_minshew How are you NOT a Pantene shampoo spokeswoman? #TalkTD

A33: @TaintedDreamsTS @DebbieJoyce Wow that’s really sweet. Curly hair is not the rage these days, but thank you! #TalkTD


Q34 RT @b_dawg60  @alicia_minshew How do you feel about craisins? Hahaha 😉 #TalkTD

A34: @TaintedDreamsTS @b_dawg60 I love them Hahaha. Got any? #TalkTD


Q35 RT @queenbiotch05  @alicia_minshew if Willow wanted to be an actress when she gets older how would u feel about that? #TalkTD

A35: @TaintedDreamsTS @queenbiotch05 I would never push her into it but I would support her as I know she would love it! #TalkTD


Q36 RT @DebbieJoyce @alicia_minshew Did @TerriIvens get you hooked on her Prtezel Crisps? #TalkTD

A36: @TaintedDreamsTS @DebbieJoyce @TerriIvens She’s gotten me hooked on a lot of things 😉 #TalkTD


Q37 RT @LoriMoffet @alicia_minshew ok am I late <as usual> in catching this show? Please tell me how and when and where…please. #TalkTD

A37: @TaintedDreamsTS @LoriMoffet Just look at the Sneak Peek section on http://tainteddreams.com  Thanks for the support! #TalkTD


Q38 RT @cotygirl @alicia_minshew What was your most outrageous fan encounter?  #TalkTD

A38: @TaintedDreamsTS @cotygirl An old woman yelled at me in the grocery store to stop being so mean to my mother (Erica). LOL #TalkTD


Q39 RT @kadomaz @alicia_minshew Loved 2c a different side of u. U were so vivid. Are u afraid fans u will always be Kendall? #TalkTD #AMC

A39: @TaintedDreamsTS @kadomaz I understand if they always see me as Kendall, that’s why I’m enjoying playin different roles 🙂 #TalkTD


Transcript Courtesy of Debbie Joyce

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  • That was awesome! Thank you to all who made this possible! Now to go chat with Sarah Joy Brown on Lilly Melgar’s Soapbox! 🙂

  • Well, I would watched Tainted Dreams if I ever had a clue as to when or where it was being shown. I did see several preview episodes, was difficult to glean the concept from that.

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