After TV Guide’s Michael Logan posted an exclusive sneak peak of the first 3 episodes of Tainted Dreams, We Love Soaps, Michael Fairman and Daytime Confidential all shared the news of the sneak peek and posted the videos for soap fans to view. Viewers may now catch the episodes here on the Tainted Dreams website under Sneak Peek, so don’t miss the opportunity to watch and share your thoughts on the characters and stories!

2 Responses to Multiple Soap Sites Offer Sneak Peek of Tainted Dreams

  • The first three “mini-episodes” were okay, wonderful to see some ALL MY CHILDREN alumni again. I am one of the many, many fans who will NEVER forgive ABC-TV for letting AMC go and feel that it was a detrimental decision that has severely impacted their afternoon ratings.
    That being said, let the chips fall where they may, and I wish nothing but success to shows such as “Tainted Dreams” that I hope will thrive through the many new viewing devices that are available today.

  • luv luv luv it! The language may take a minute to get used to-i know cussing didnt go over well on pp/toln.

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